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What’s your favorite nonsexual act of intimacy?

I don’t know why, but mostly when you ask people about intimacy, the only world that comes into their mind is “sex”. But what about just sleeping together or going to the shower together, or talking about what you like in bed? There are a lot of nonsexual intimate acts and we will review some.

Talk about everything

Communication is the base of every relationship. You should not be afraid to ask anything and should be sure you will get a true answer. Better to keep talking about your past and future, thoughts, fears, plans, everything. There is should be silence only when the topic is over. Talk about your feelings during this act of intimacy.

Touch each other

Touching is a favorite nonsexual act of intimacy for a lot of couples. By touching you can understand what feels good and bad. That can be kissing, hugging, running your fingers thought the partner’s hair. It can help to explore each other body and feel more connected.

Little things are important

Small stuff like morning greetings, goodbye kisses, “thanks” for breakfast have a big meaning to every relationship. Just don’t forget about it.

Make your bedroom romantic

The romantic atmosphere can help you in your sexual life. The room should be a safe and comport place for both of you. It should smell good, so all aroma stuff works great for it. Make your bedroom unique.

Yammy breakfast

For me, breakfast is the most beautiful part of the day. I always make a beautiful meal and so delicious coffee. I serve all of this in the best way and it feels like so family time for me.

However, don’t forget about sex

Sex is still important for relationships and you need to feel comfortable about it as well. Good sex leads to a better connection.

What’s your favorite non sexual act of intimacy?

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