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What is Hygge? And More Reasons to Visit Denmark

There are things which are hard to explain but also there are words which are hard to pronounce.

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is a Danish word that means coziness. But, actually, it is not absolutely the right translation. It means so much more for the Danish people.

hygge timeHave you ever known that Denmark is the happiest country in the world (according to research)? And you can ask why. It’s an Iceland country with a cold and wet climate. Just imaging, it’s raining every second day there. Denmark has the highest taxes in the world and it’s really expensive to live there. But people are happy. Let’s see all the reasons.

Are They Happy to Pay Taxes?

You may come with this question to any office, supermarket, cafe or even on a street and you will get only one answer “yes”.

Denmark is one of the countries with the highest world’s taxes. They pay a 25 % value-added tax on most items, and a tax of up to 150 % on new cars.

But they are not sad about this. Almost every Dane says that he pays for the quality of life. They have no fee healthcare, a lot of Danish students get grants which help them to cover education expenses, older people who received a retirement age have care helpers to look after them at home.

Reliability and Honesty

One of the factors of Danish happiness is trust. They are absolutely honest and trust each other in business, government and personal relationships.

Moreover, Denmark is one of the safest countries in the world.

Hygge – a Way to Danish Happiness

It’s hard to translate this word, you can only feel it. Generally, it means the ability to enjoy good little life things. If you feel good while tea time with your friends, it is hygge. If you enjoy laying in a bed with your boyfriend, relax and dream together, it’s hygge. So it’s a good, calm and cozy atmosphere you create mostly in wintertime. But if you are going to visit Denmark in summer, that’s cool as well. All the picnics on a beach, outdoor festivals and barbeque are hygge if they are done in the Danish way.

Still, the highest time for hygge is Christmas.

There are things hygge can’t exist without them:

  • candles – they can use a million lights and candles (go to Tivoli Park to make yourself sure). Moreover, Danish people whoop more than 13 pounds of candle wax every year.
  • fireplaces – the coziest thing in wintertime when you curl up there in the warm evening.
  • blankets are must have to wrap around yourself
  • sweets and hot drinks – homemade food is about familiarity, it creates cozy vibes.

Hygge is so important thing in being Danis.

This nation lives a wonderful life despite miserable winters.

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