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Types of Accidents Caused by Distracted Uber Drivers

Uber drivers face a lot of distractions, including texts, phone calls and GPS directions to the location of prospective passengers. With such interferences, the driver takes their eyes and attention of the road upon which they end up causing accidents. If you sustain injuries because of such a crash, you may be eligible to file for compensation with the help of an Uber accident attorney in Los Angles.

Every time a prospective passenger requests a pick up via the Uber app, the closest driver receives an alert on their phone. The app will beep relentlessly until the driver taps anywhere on the screen. This alert is aimed at linking the driver with new trips as they approach their current rider’s destination, allowing them to pick up a new person in the shortest time possible. Also, while driving through a new city, the driver will need to confirm the directions from their phone constantly. These two scenarios require focusing away from the road for several seconds, which could lead to one of the following accidents.

Side-Impact Collisions

Also known as T-bone collisions, this accident occurs when one vehicle hits the other from the side. If a driver runs a red light, stop sign or fails to yield to another vehicle when turning, they’re likely to cause this accident. This is especially true if the Uber driver isn’t paying adequate attention to the road. Side impact collisions are often risky because most vehicles lack side airbags and the ones available are of inferior quality compared to the ones at the front. As such, T-bone accidents can result in grave injuries in the neck, head, abdomen and spinal cord. Victims may also sustain lacerations and whiplash injuries.

Rear-End Collision

uber taxiThis accident occurs when a vehicle hits another from behind. Although there are numerous reasons why this kind of accident occurs, it mostly happens when a driver takes their eyes off the road for a few seconds. Depending on the speed at which the car is moving, rear-end collisions can result in either minor or severe injuries. Some of these injuries include whiplash, lacerations, and cuts, not to mention trauma to the head and legs. Either way, when involved in such a crash, victims should hire an Uber accident attorney in Los Angles to file for adequate assistance when filing for compensation.

Head-on Collison

Also known as a frontal impact collision, this accident occurs when an Uber driver is distracted and rams into another vehicle or a solid object such as a tree, animal or pole. The sheer force involved in this crash makes it terrifying and might be fatal particularly to the passengers in the front seats. It may also lead to lacerations, internal bleeding, broken bones as well as injuries to the head, neck, and spine.

Crashes with Pedestrians

While trying to multitask between alerts and driving, an Uber driver could be sufficiently distracted to miss a pedestrian crossing the road. Such accidents happened too often, and depending on the speed and power of the vehicle involved, victims often end up dead or with life-altering injuries on their spine or brain. With reduced speed, victims might sustain minor injuries like lacerations and bruises.

To Sum Up

Ride searching apps are gaining rapid popularity by the day, and more people are choosing to use Uber as their means of transport. This mode of transport is often preferred as it reduces drunken driving and helps people to get home safely. However, uber drivers can easily become distracted by factors like phones and GPS, which could lead to accidents and minor to severe bodily injuries. Victims of such accidents should consider hiring a seasoned attorney to facilitate their pursuit for compensation.



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