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Advantages of Staying Home While COVID-19 Is Walking On The Streets

Despite all the panic and terrible virus, we have to stay positive. Yes, we all turn on the TV or open FaceBook or any other social networks and see what is going on. It seems to be no place for positive thoughts. But it’s really time to think, care and love. We all have to look for the advantages of this disadvantage and learn. Let’s look at it from a positive side.


empty streetThe world has calmed down and we all turned into our own human dimensions. Any managers aren’t being late to the office, any flights don’t delay, any girls aren’t sad because of the size of a new dress in Zara. We all stay home and nobody hurries. Our planet can rest and take a breath.


Finally, we have time for husband or wife, children. Finally, we understand that the most delicious coffee is made at home. Finally, we don’t go to a cafe and restaurants and don’t let anybody cook for us. And time flows as slow as honey.


Yes, we can say that the world economy will crash down. We will have high prices and so on. I am not an expert. But still, people will see that they don’t need to spend $400 to get new sneakers but better to get a new freezer to stock up on groceries, better to get more vitamins for immunity than waste money for makeup things. The economy will take a break and people will go to their natural space.


We have time, plenty of time. We can see what our relationships deserve, what our friendship deserves. We will see all the dark side of a man of woman we share home and life and understand a lot. We all turn into our bag skin.

What to do in coronavirus quarantine?

The first and the most important tip is don’t run to the supermarket to grab all the products you see. Really, we have a lot of meals and all the factories are working. You just need to buy a little bit more than always if you live far from the supermarket and don’t have an opportunity to shop online. But mental health is more important than food now:

  • Limit media intake. Obviously you need to stay informed but check only official sources to understand the situation and it will be enough.
  • Stay physically active during self-quarantine. You may follow an online exercise class or take a few active breaks during the day.
  • It’s time for things you always put off. Sort your clothes or explore projects you always wanted.
  • If you work from home, set strict limits to your time. Don’t let your manager to abuse and overwhelm with work.
  • Sleep well, eat good and repeat.


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