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12 Funny Things You Can Do at Home

Are you feeling disconnected and lazy during this quarantine time? But this can be an opportunity to try some cool things you always have had no time to do. You can read more, learn a new language but more important, you can have a lot “you” time. Let’s start with us.

  1. Daily Schedule is a must. Even if you don’t work from home or have kids, you need to keep everything on track.
  2. Do Some Sports. 15 mins morning exercises will help you to wake and feel better. Also, there are a lot of online workouts on Instagram, YouTube, different apps to work on your fitness body at home.
  3. Review Your Diet. Add some fresh fruits and vegetables to your dinner and your body will say “Thank you!”
  4. Organize Everything Around You. While you staying at home and have plenty of time, clean your room, kitchen, closet, shelves and purge them of all things that don’t have “spark joy”.
  5. Cook Something New. It’s time to improve your baking skills and make chocolate cookies you always get in Walmart.
  6. Explore a Few New Countries from Home. What do you know about Kapadokya or Morocco? There are a lot of countries in the world with beautiful nature and amazing history.
  7. Meditate. Apps like Headspace, Calm, and Simple Habit will help you with your mindset, to pay attention to your breath and practice different practices.
  8. Send Presents to Your Friends and Family. Make colorful cards or bake a cake. Just write a note and send to people you love. It will make their day bright.
  9. Play Music. It’s time to uncover your old guitar and relearn how to play.
  10. Spa Day. You need relaxing music, essential oils, face mask and all the things which can let your skin feel you love it.
  11. Get Your Finances in Order. Take a look and your budget, pay taxes and make a financial plan for a few months. If you want to have a car, increase your saving or find things to invest.
  12. Take Courses. There are a lot of online platforms that offer free classes from universities like Harvard or MIT. You may learn Business Writing or Computer Science.

What are your ideas for fun things to do at home? Share them in comments.

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