12 Funny Things You Can Do at Home

Are you feeling disconnected and lazy during this quarantine time? But this can be an opportunity to try some cool things you always have had no time to do. You can read more, learn a new language but more important, you can have a lot “you” time. Let’s start with …

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Stay Beautiful: Tips on Saving Your Beauty Forever

tips for a healthy life

Not only women but men as well want to stay young, healthy and beautiful for more time. And, to be honest, there is no special pill or any other magic thing to do it. But still, you can follow a few steps and save your beauty longer. Let’s Talk About …

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Types of Accidents Caused by Distracted Uber Drivers

uber drivers

Uber drivers face a lot of distractions, including texts, phone calls and GPS directions to the location of prospective passengers. With such interferences, the driver takes their eyes and attention of the road upon which they end up causing accidents. If you sustain injuries because of such a crash, you …

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What is Hygge? And More Reasons to Visit Denmark

hygge book

There are things which are hard to explain but also there are words which are hard to pronounce. Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is a Danish word that means coziness. But, actually, it is not absolutely the right translation. It means so much more for the Danish people. Have you ever known …

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What’s your favorite nonsexual act of intimacy?

non sexual act of intimacy

I don’t know why, but mostly when you ask people about intimacy, the only world that comes into their mind is “sex”. But what about just sleeping together or going to the shower together, or talking about what you like in bed? There are a lot of nonsexual intimate acts …

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